Del “Abe” Jones


Many loved ones and friends
Carved in that cold, black stone
But, inside that huge Monument
We know they’re safe and not alone.

There are many thousands in that Wall
And each year we must sadly, add a few
With the average age of War casualties
Twenty-three, and as young as sixteen, too.

Those Heroes who died in that War
Finally, given Honors they deserved
With the Memorial in Washington
But, with many spaces still reserved.

This replica, which travels ‘round
So all people have the chance to see;
To touch it and maybe shed a tear
About this era of our History.

Maybe there, amongst those names
You may have a friend or a loved one
You can make a “rubbing” image of it
And take it with you, when you’re done.

This Wall brings those lost to us
A bit closer, and the loss more real
To those who didn’t lose someone
And gives them too, the chance to feel.

Every citizen should see it once
To realize just what War can cost
Not in dollars, but pain and suffering
And all these thousands of lives lost.

Sadly, we are at it once again
And someday will need another place
Where we can etch names of those killed
Where other folks have names to trace.

Maybe someday the need for people
To fight and kill their fellow man
Will be replaced with World Peace
Hopefully, that is in, some plan!

But till then we have these Monuments
To show our thanks for those who Served
A small token of our gratitude
Not nearly what, they all, deserved.

So, as we hear those names calling
And asking, “Will you never see?
War and conflict aren’t the way!
Just look at what, it did, to me!”

Author’s Note: The traveling Wall is coming to the VFW in Dickson, TN and I urge any local people who have not seen it to attend and also donate to the fund to get it here. All of you in other communities who have not seen it I urge you to do so if the opportunity arises. You can also contact one of your local Service organizations to see about having it come to your area. It is well worth seeing, especially if you think you may never get to Washington to see the original.