Del “Abe” Jones


Another year we’ve been at War
And a record year, of Heroes killed
Will our hopes for an end to it
Never, ever be fulfilled?

The cost has been tremendous
And surely, they don’t tell us all
Worse, loss of life and mind and limb
As our Troops, continue to fall.

Some, deployed several times
More, than we should rightly ask
But, they will go and do their Duty
To carry out, their given task.

Nearly four thousand gave their all
Almost thirty thousand hurt
Who tried to bring some civility
To that far-a-way, ancient, desert.

Many folks are against the War
And there’s some who do protest
But one thing most all, agree on
Our Military, is the very best.

Let’s not forget families and loved ones
All, who serve our Country, too
Who sacrifice and suffer for us
With Patriotism, proud and true.

Some of them will lose their Heroes
And will hurt and cry and grieve
And when handed that folded Flag
They will say, “I still believe!”

Maybe, “Mission accomplished!”
One day, will actually be true
But, till then, we must support them
And tell them, “Thanks, for all you do!”
And we must remember all those
Who served our Country in the past
To make our Nation Free
And to make sure it will last.