Del “Abe” Jones



The Great War ends in the Eleventh month
On the Eleventh hour of the Eleventh day
It was called the “War to end all Wars”
At least, that’s what they used to say.


President Wilson proclaimed Armistic Day
To Honor those who died in “The Great War”
To “Celebrate the sanctity of Peace”
Was what this Special Day was for.


The second Anniversary of the Armistice
France and England honored their Unknown Dead
President Wilson named the nearest Sunday
To be “Armistice Day Sunday”, in its stead.


The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
Was Dedicated at Arlington
Congress Declared the Eleventh a Federal Holiday
For the year of Nineteen twenty-one


Legislation is passed by Congress
To make it a legal Federal Holiday
And most States choose to follow suit
And Honor that same Armistice Day.


World War Two is fought and won
And adds several millions more
Of veterans who Served our Country
And who Fought in another World War.


We had the War in Korea
And once more those numbers grew
Making three within the Tomb
Of those Soldiers no one knew.


President Eisenhower changed the name
And since then, known as Veterans Day
To Honor all who have ever Served
Our Nation in that Military way.


We had America’s longest War
That was never to be completed
Some wounds lasting until this day
Sadly, back Home some were mistreated.


Congress passes the Monday Holiday Law
Changing it to the fourth one in October
Why they had to mess with it?
I bet they didn’t even know, for sure.


They changed their mind once again
In Seventy-five, to change it back
Seems they’d have better things to do
But for wasting time, they have a knack.

To 2005

Seems we have been at War forever
And sometimes seems to be no end
Will we ever have Peace on Earth
And Troops with nowhere to send?

For as long as we need them
We will have those who Serve us all
Who will step up, do Wartime’s job
Whenever they hear our Nation’s call.

So this day let’s tell them, “Thank you!”
And show all those Brave Souls we care
Whether they Serve us here at home
Or somewhere afar, way over there.

And let’s say a Prayer for all those Lost
Heroes of whom we stand in awe
For giving their all to Wartime’s curse
To this sad, uniquely Human flaw.

To 2010

Almost out of one Country
Going on ten years in the other
Will we Humans never know Peace
And, quit killing one another?


The word is, “We’re pulling out!”
That one War is coming to an end
Let’s hope, that soon, they’ll all be home
All of those Heroes, that we send.