Del “Abe” Jones


Not enough credit given, to mothers, sisters, daughters, wives,
Some too, who gave their all, the best years of their lives.
There’s some, wore a uniform, of one of the military “branches”
And like all of those men, taken some deadly chances.
Some were in the U.S.O. – brought a little taste of home
With small talk, donuts, coffee, where e’r the troops would roam.
There was “Rosie the Riveter,” who fought her own war here,
And the nurses that eased the pain, and tried to ease the fear.
There were women pilots, who put their lives on the line,
Said, “Send me where you will. That suits me, just fine!”
Those who stayed at home, to raise their families,
Who gave all, went without, realizing harsh realities.
So many of those women, who gave so much more
Than they were asked to, during each and every war.
We honor those, upon this stone, and give our humble “Thanks”
To those who served with honor, in our country’s wartime ranks.

Del 'Abe' Jones: And They Were There Too (Click on Photograph to proceed to the website of the Ellis County Veterans Memorial in Waxahachie, Texas)

Author’s Note: This poem is etched into the Ellis County Veterans Memorial in Waxahachie, Texas.