Del “Abe” Jones


There are so many little towns
That make up this great nation
And the heroes from them
Boggle the imagination.

Those who answer the call
In peace and wartime’s strife
Who give of themselves
So, we can live this life.

Some go and fight those wars
Some die, some hurt, survive
But all that they believe in
Is what keeps freedom alive.

It’s all those little towns
And people who live there
Who stand and fight for freedom
For people, everywhere.

Somebody’s dad or brother
Husband, daughter or son
Mother, sister, cousins
We all, know someone

Who, when freedom was threatened
Here at home, around the world
Were determined to insure
Freedoms flag remained unfurled.

They believe and fight for
The things this world needs
They might not always win
But they’ll have planted the seeds.

In time of peace or conflict
There’s always a price to pay
And today, we pay them tribute
On this Veterans Day.