Del “Abe” Jones


With the one hand they seem to give
And with the other, take away
“We always will support our Troops!”
But, they don’t do what they say.

They promise all those benefits
As you raise your hand and Swear
To Do Your Duty, Serve Your Country
Anytime, and Anywhere.

You keep your end of the Bargain
And Follow Orders to a tee
Even lay your Life on the Line
So that others might be Free.

You don’t ask for a whole lot
Just to be treated with Respect
Promises kept and Honesty
From those People you protect.

But, too often those in Power
Will Betray you without Shame
Break those Vows they made
Like it was only just a Game.

It’s called; “Throwaway Soldiers”
And the Pawns will always lose
Because you play by the Rules
While they will play as they chose.

Author’s Note: Just another squeeze play to aid the Federal Government in failing to provide services and benefits promised to Veterans. The “Throwaway Soldier” is becoming more of a reality every day. Serve your Country, go to War, and maybe get Killed so the Fat Cats in Washington can cut Vets benefits and services.

It’s not so much about the fee to be charged only some Veterans it is just the idea that they will keep surreptitiously chipping away at promised benefits and services until there will be nothing left.