Del “Abe” Jones

(Military Children)

To help, please visit the Snowball Express Website
To help, please visit the Snowball Express Website
The only ones who give more
For the high cost of Liberty
Than those we send to fight our Wars
Is the Military Family.

For a few years and sometimes more
They lend us their loved one
They put up with special hardships
Until the Service time is done.

It’s what most of us won’t know
Living that fear of every day
Praying their loved one stays safe
In some strange country, far away.

The Holidays are spent apart
Anniversaries will come and go
Some birth days are while they’re gone
For children, some will never know.

Some lucky Troops will go unharmed
(At least, nothing you can see)
Some will be hurt and injured
And there’s some, will cease to be.

The lone spouses tell their children
They’ve gone away, somewhere above
But though they won’t ever come home
They will always, send down their love.

We owe all of those Families
Much more than we can ever pay
And especially all those children
Who’ll miss their parent every day.

We should do all that we can
For all those who pay that price
And some time away to forget
Just something we could all do, nice.

So get on the Snowball Express
And give some kid a special treat
Let them know we care about them
Though we can’t make their lives complete.