Del “Abe” Jones


World War II Memorial: Washington DC
Dawn in Washington at the World War II Memorial with the Washington Monument in background
It’s been a long time coming
And it is way overdue
This Memorial to Honor Heroes
Who died during World War II.

On the Mall in Washington
There’s a curving Wall of Stars
Marking four hundred thousand Dead
Plus those Survivors healing scars.

Sixteen million Served
In all the Military ways
With only four million left
And most, with numbered days.

Most Americans today
Don’t know how close we came
To the tides turning against us
But for, those Battles in our name.

A Tribute we owe all Those
Who paid the Ultimate Price
And it’s better late than never
To Honor their Supreme Sacrifice.

So many of those Veterans say
That was the last, “Military War”
The clear danger to our Nation
Was what, They were fighting for.

Now, They will never be forgotten
Immortalized within that Stone
Gathered together in one place
So, They will never be alone.