Del “Abe” Jones


The holidays are upon us
And Christmas is drawing near
But for far too many Families
There won’t be a “Happy New Year”.

Their loved ones are off at War
In some far-off foreign land
Some of them are gone forever
Not at all, what they had planned.

Many of them, “weekend Warriors”
Who planned Serving in their hometown
Some promised one Tour of Duty
But sent for one more “turn-a-round”.

There are numbers to toss about
But to those Families just, that “One”
As they Pray for a safe return
And the day that War is done.

They all go and do their Duty
Find a special Camaraderie
Which only those in Battle know
Becoming part of their Family.

But, it really isn’t quite the same
Especially on that Christmas Day
They think of loved ones back at home
Who send Prayers and Love their way.

Another New Year is coming soon
Another one we’ll be at War
And one more Holiday Season
That won’t be like it was before.

Especially if you’re a lucky one
Who doesn’t live with that haunting fear
Think of all those who Sacrifice
And hope it will be better next year.

If you know a Service Family
With either Blue or a Gold Star
Take a moment to thank them
Show them how grateful that you are.

When you see a Military Uniform
Proudly coming toward your way
Give a Salute, say, “Thank you!”
For the price they have to pay.

As we Celebrate these Holidays
Shared with Friends and Family
Remember those who went to War
So we all can have our Liberty.

Let us hope for an end to War
So that each and every day
We can rejoice and celebrate
The Warrior’s Holiday.