Del “Abe” Jones


The real mainstay of our Nation
Was our old Red, White and Blue
But then our Country was divided
And seems we won’t admit it’s true.

Now there’s red states and the blue states
Reminds me about the “blue and gray”
When our Country was so divided
Each went to War to get their way.

Maybe it’s a different kind of War
And is being fought without the guns
It seems that anymore they fight
With dirty ads and lies and puns.

The Republicans and Democrats
Who play this American game
Say, their beliefs are different
But they are really all the same.

We have a “two party system”
With each saying, “Vote for me!”
“I want to serve the People!”
“I have a foolproof strategy!”

They say they’ll lower taxes
They will give us all heath care
They will leave no child behind
And keep the terrorists over there.

They will secure our borders
And stop our oil addiction
But the lies from politicians
Seems an incurable affliction.

Maybe it’s not a “civil” War
(Isn’t that an oxymoron?)
Both sides want to be the best
Of this greatest American con.

For some it’s simple greed
Just to see what they can steal
While some obsess for the power
Over the common folk, they feel.

There seems to be no right or wrong
Or pride in truth and honesty
Seem all means are fair to the end
Of where these folks long to be.

The public has been blinded
Even, brainwashed, in a way
Who don’t think and will believe
Most anything those people say.

We travel on a dangerous road
And if we don’t make a detour
When we end up where we’re headed
We won’t like it, that’s for sure.

The status quo or same ol’ same
Will only survive for so long
Just look at our World’s history
To see where all the right went wrong.

Like, “East is east and West is west
And never the twain shall meet.”
If that is true and if we don’t
We may go down in defeat.

The “red states” and the “blue states”
Need to reunite and work with all
For you know if, “Divided we stand!”
Surely then, “United we will fall!”