Del “Abe” Jones


“We’re going to stay the course, of course!”
That’s what our Pres has always said
We’re three years into this crazy War
With nearly twenty-four hundred Dead.

Seventeen thousand wounded folks
At least, that’s the official count
With estimates of forty-some thousand
By some who do an honest count.

Thirty-eight thousand Iraqis
A lot of women and children
And really, probably many more
That weren’t in that count, again.

Two hundred fifty billion dollars
Two hundred thirty million per day
Think of all the good not done
Because of the price we have to pay.

He said, “My government…”
Well, he’s surely got that wrong
Unless the Voice of the People
Goes unheeded for too long.

Our Nation doesn’t need a king
Or some kind of a dictator
But if we don’t take our Country back
It might happen, sooner than later.

The military/industrial complex
Will spend all our money that it can
And now, it seems those in control
Are ready to spend more on Iran.

Our Homeland was not made safer
By the topple of Saddam Hussein
All we did was forge more terrorists
And made more enemies, that’s plain.

We were mislead into this War
And it’s time we faced the truth
And quit spending good on bad
Especially, the lives of our Youth.

When we have the chance this year
To change the road we’re traveling down
We’d better take advantage of our votes
Before it’s too late to turn around.

The “Party” doesn’t make a difference
It’s the “Lobby”, who paves the way
Who lead us on this path to ruin
So, it’s time we all have our say.

Let’s send them a clear message
We’re tired of the corruption and war
Remind them all, it’s, “We the People”
Who they all are working for!