Del “Abe” Jones


We see faces of innocence
Upon our nations’ youth –
But they’ve the hearts of heroes
When it comes to Liberty and Truth.

Young men and women of the Service
Standing straight and proud and tall –
Ready to fight for Freedom
Ready to give their all.

Those faces of innocence
Will return, all, world-wise –
Still looking young in body
But lifetime’s knowledge in their eyes.

There are some who will come home
To grieving families and friends –
Just a memory to those loved ones
Whose loss never really ends.

Yet those faces of innocence
And those young heroes’ hearts
Will come of age once more
With dreams each new life imparts.

Another generation born
To this world of war and strife –
Searching for the elusive answer
To lasting peacetime in their life.

Why must this crazy world
Breed such pain and misery?
When will the human race
Let young innocence be?

‘Guess there will always be a madman
Who is filled with hate and greed –
Who will force himself on others
And plant that killing seed.

And there will always be
Those young heroes who will fight
Who will leave their innocence behind
For what they feel is right.