Del “Abe” Jones


Well, it’s been a year, now
Since we went off to War
To give Iraq its Freedom
But some, gave so much more.

Nearly six hundred, gave their All
Many more, wounded in the fight
To give a foreign land’s people
Their, God given, Right.

We found the evil of Saddam
Hiding down, in his “rat hole”
And we took out his crazy sons
That was, part of our goal.

We were told we were in danger
But, now some say it wasn’t so
Maybe we were, or weren’t
I guess now, we’ll never know.

Some say, we shouldn’t be there
But, the fact is, we are
And right or wrong, the ending
Is somewhere off, afar.

Many more will give their Life
Before this War is won
With, more questions than answers
Before, it’s all said and done.

But, no matter what we think
There’s one thing that’s pure, and true
That’s the Heroism of our Soldiers
Who fight for “them”, and me, and you.