Del “Abe” Jones

(The Military)

We may wear different uniforms
And our traditions not the same
We may sing different marching tunes
But our drummer’s beat’s the same.

With our Freedom’s Flag unfurled
We travel land and air and sea
To protect this way of life we live
To show others how life could be.

We all march shoulder-to-shoulder
Proud Sisters and Brothers, all
We take a solemn vow and swear
We will answer our Nation’s call.

Some may serve one hitch or two
For some, will be their life’s career
Some will serve, “over there”
And there’s some, will stay right here.

We come from all walks of life
To join in that one common cause
To guard and protect the U.S.A.
So we won’t be, that Land, that was.

We are out there at the forefront
For all the rest the World to see
To show them all how proud we are
Of this great Land of the Free.

All who serve should take a bow
Then stand straight and tall with pride
Salute that ol’ red white and blue
Sisters and Brothers, side by side.

Someday maybe, they won’t need us
And wouldn’t that be just fine
For all mankind to live in Peace
Sometime there, on down the line.

But until that day finally comes
And tyrants are part of our past
We must be ready to face them
For, that’s how our die is cast.