Del “Abe” Jones


One of the tragedies of War
That just happened to be seen
By one of the pool cameras
But, what happens “in between”?

We rarely see the good things
Cause they’re not “worthy” of the “news”
And the camera’s viewfinder
Only shows, very narrow views.

Our Troops have given Lives
And been wounded and maimed
For the People of a foreign land
Where now, terrorists are trained.

Whether we think the War is wrong
And for those who think it’s right
We must stand beside our Soldiers
Mostly “kids” thrown into the Fight.

War is an ugly, horrible, thing
But, we “elected” to be there
And we can’t forget the “lost one”
When some people failed to “care”.

Some mistakes will be made
And some “innocents” will die
But when an enemy is killed “again”
It’s not our place to question, “Why?”

Let’s leave the fighting to the experts
That’s what we are paying for
Not second guess our Military
Who stand face to face, with War.