Del “Abe” Jones


Since the Birth of our Nation
We have sent our Young to War
To do Battle for our Freedoms
For Truth, and Right, and More.

We take them from their Families
And send them all around the World
To show all the other Peoples
How, Freedom’s flag’s unfurled.

They’re sent with a wealth of knowledge
That they carry and spread well
Our Ambassadors to others
With a story only, they can tell.

So, as we bask in our lifestyles
And gather ‘round the Christmas Tree
Let’s say a Prayer and Give Thanks
To those who make us Free.

Lets bring them all Home for a moment
And hold them in our Heart and Mind
For each and every one’s a Hero
And each, one of a very Special kind.

©Copyright December 11, 2003 by Del “Abe” Jones

Update 2004

I wrote that one for last year
With a wish that was for naught
That maybe they’d be Home for this year
But, guess that was just a silly thought.

We’ve lost more than we care to count
And have sent even more across the Sea
To try to show another People how to live
In a way they may or may not want to be.

But we send our Sons and Daughters
Moms and Dads, Sisters and Bros
To spend another Christmas Holiday away
And for how many more, who knows?

So, no matter what our feelings are
About this War they’re sent to Fight
Let’s keep them All in our thoughts and prayers
On this Christmas Eve and every other night.

©Copyright December 16, 2004 by Del “Abe” Jones

Update 2005

Well, here it is another year
Has come and gone again
The casualties keep mounting
And patience is growing thin.

Each day we add more Heroes
And more Families who mourn
Who will never again celebrate
As they once did on Christmas morn.

Most have served more than one Tour
And there seems to be no end in sight
But they step up and do their job
And they do it Proud and Right.

Maybe next will be the year
When we get to bring them Home
And we can thank them, face-to-face
For the Bravery they’ve shown.

It’s no way to spend the Holidays
And we all wish we could do more
To have them all home once again
And bring an ending to this War.

But it’s up to those politicians
And all those powers that be
To make those Families whole again
As they gather ‘round the Christmas tree.

And for those who don’t do Christmas
This Wish is as much, for them too
To live in Peace on Earth with Freedom
The way the Human Race could do.

©Copyright December 18, 2005 by Del “Abe” Jones