Del “Abe” Jones

(December 19-25)

We should thank our Soldiers
More than one week a year
Give them all the praise
They all deserve to hear.

Especially those who signed up
To be in the Reserve/Guard;
Who have done several tours
To do a job that’s very hard.

Those who would have joined
To help build up the Ranks
Have seen the way it really is
And instead, said, “No thanks!”

So we have stretched them thin
All of those Troops that Serve
From those who have enlisted
To the Guard and the Reserve.

We’ve asked them to do more
And not done what they expected
And all we have to offer them
Is their Honor, we’ve respected.

A onetime Battle Tour too much
But for some, been three or four
And the way that it is going
They’ll be asked for even more.

Some said there weren’t enough
But their words fell on deaf ears
So now more Families realize
The very worst of their Fears.

Those Families need our Thanks
As much as those who Wage our Fight
For they Suffer just as much
And we should all do them Right.

So if you know about a Family
Who has a loved one over there
It will help all of the Troops
If we let them know we Care.

The ones who serve our Country
Should know we Care about Theirs here
So they won’t have to Worry
They already have enough to Fear.

Author’s Note: This should be a bipartisan effort: