Del “Abe” Jones


A group formed for the Support
Of wounded, dying and the ill
To help keep the promises
Our Nation, does not, fulfill.

Founded in Two Thousand-five
With a membership of eight
More than two thousand now
To change some Veteran’s fate.

The volunteers have donated
More than forty-eight thousand hours
Raised more than a million dollars
And made some changes, with their powers.

A leader to fight PSTD
To help all those Veterans cope
Now, those who felt all was lost
Shown a new glimmer, of Hope.

They give much needed support
When Vets have nowhere else to turn
And try to educate we others
About things, we need to learn.

A great organization
But, more members, are the seed
To help, more of those Veterans
Who may have, a special need.

So fill in the simple form
And try to do your part
To let all those Vets know
They are, Forever, in our Heart.

Silver Star Families Of America