Del “Abe” Jones


In the year of 1776
Dreams of Freedom were declared
New to the World, a way of Life
No way, to be compared.

Through the years, embattled
Some, tried taking it away
But, it survived, though changed
To what we know, today.

They’ve brought terror to our shores
And threatened our security
Made us run for cover
In this Land of the Free.

They made us see the World
In a different kind of light
Of the jealousy and hate
That would have, Freedom take flight.

But, the Soul of a Free people
Will always rise above the rest
To show the tyrants of the World
That Truth, comes from the Test.

Though, nothing is ever perfect
And we learn through our mistakes
Liberty will be triumphant
No matter, what it takes.

Our People and the Stars and Stripes
Will always lead the way
Because we know what it’s like
To have an, Independence Day.