Del “Abe” Jones


Rosie, the Riveter: Willow Run, October 1941
Rosie, the Riveter: Willow Run, October 1941
During World War Two
All around this Nation
Women took up the Battle
Beyond all imagination.

Over six million of them
Traded aprons for coveralls
And answered like true Patriots
When their Country calls.

They worked in every industry
To build the tools of War
From guns and tanks and planes
To ships and so much more.

A key part of our Defense
To free the Men so they could fight;
Showing they could do it all,
They worked the plants day and night.

Could we have won without them?
Some say it would have been tough
And we never gave them credit
Or at the least, not near enough.

So many years have passed by
With so many changes in our life
Thanks to what all those Ladies did
Who were Sister, Mother, Friend or Wife.