Del “Abe” Jones


Back at the birth of our Nation
We fought to be Free from oppression
Something unique in the World
And we learned many a hard lesson.

There was some trial and error
Although, we finally got it right
But, it seems that nowadays
Some Rights are fading from sight.

If we let them slip away from us
Even just, a little at a time
If we don’t stand, to preserve them
It will most surely, be a crime.

It’s government, “By and for the People!”
Not to be dictated, by a few
And it’s time we take our Country back
And what we hold, “Self-evident and true!”

When Freedom was really threatened
We stood together in the fight
But, there have been those times
When those Wars, just weren’t right.

We are still the greatest Nation
That this World has ever known
But, Freedom for other peoples
Can’t be forced, but must be shown.

We must set the right example
And protect our own Constitution
Not let it be changed around
To suit some other’s resolution.

Speaking of our great Constitution
And our Bill of Rights, too
We should take time to read them
That’s something, everyone should do.

So, this Fourth, let’s set a goal
To make our Founding Fathers proud
Tell our Government, “You work for us!
Twisting our Laws won’t be allowed!”