Del “Abe” Jones


Why should we be surprised, again
That those who have all the powers
Don’t look down and see the others
From high, in their ivory towers?

It’s the same old tired story
They say, “We just didn’t know!”
Because those who serve under them
Just failed to tell them what was so.

It’s another case of Veterans
Of the Wars they fight for us
Coming home to be forgotten
By those they’re supposed to trust.

They get tied up in the red tape
And then get shuffled here to there
Instead of being treated with respect
By those who are supposed to care.

All those military bureaucrats
Twist the truth to find a way
To get out of those benefits
That they once promised to pay.

Those “throw-a-way” Soldiers
Who have fought and paid our cost
Who then look for decent treatment
Far too many times, are lost.

When they serve us, we love them
Our Heroes, each and every one
But why do we forsake them
When their fighting days are done.

Our Service People deserve better
Especially when they come home
And their Families, all our support
So they know they’re not alone.

We’ve seen stories about Fisher House
That’s more, the way it should be
Except for all heroes and loved ones
All of that care should be, free.

It’s a small price for us to pay
To all those who pay the highest cost
For us to have all our Freedoms
That, so easily, could be lost.

Just, another sign of the times
Of those who lead us off to War
Who think all the People serve them
Instead of how it used to be before.

It’s about time; “We, the People”
Take a stand and tell them so.
“It’s the other way around!
You’re our servants, don’t you know?”

Author’s Note: This poem relates to the recently publicized problems at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

Somebody should be fired
Starting there, up near the top
And this mistreatment of our Heroes
Most definitely, must stop!