Del “Abe” Jones


Staff Sgt. Keith Matthew Maupin
Staff Sgt. Keith Matthew Maupin
In April, of Two thousand-four
Ambushed, just outside, Baghdad
Private First Class when he was captured
The beginning of a War story, so sad.

The years of hope have ended
With, confirmed, remains found
The ending, not what we wanted
Another haunting, of “Taps”, sound.

The Family Proud, amidst the pain
Closure, of having him come home
Another Gold Star Family added
He joins his Brothers, where they roam.

One more, of many stories told
Since we have been going to War
And there’s countless, POWs, MIAs
We fear lost, forevermore.

Some, will return to loved ones
As we still search, for those still lost
For all of those still Missing
In that Action, War can cost.

But, “Leave no one behind!”
MUST BE our Country’s way
Until we find each and every one
And welcome them, back home, one day.