Del “Abe” Jones


Del 'Abe' Jones: Our Honoured Dead?
Read the December 9, 2005 Story:
Family Upset Over Soldier's Body Arriving As Freight
It’s bad enough our Government
Doesn’t want the Images shown
But there is something worse
That for the most part is unknown.

After those Heroes get to Dover
From wherever they were Killed
Their treatment with Due Respect
Doesn’t seem to be fulfilled.

They might be sent with luggage
As freight on commercial planes
That’s no way to treat our Heroes
No way to handle their Remains.

One of our military aircraft
Should fly them to the nearest place
Flown with Dignity to Loved Ones
And turned over, face to face.

Each should have an Honor Guard
Or at the least accompanied
By an escort from our Nation
For whom they did this ultimate deed.

We spend ten thousand an hour
For the President to fly around
Why then for our Real Heroes
Can’t a few dollars be found.

Just another commentary
Though it’s bad and sad, but true
About how we treat our People
Who Fight and Die for me and you.

Our Government has its rules
To do most of what I’ve said
But as usual bends them to suit
To what it wants to do instead.

Just a heads up to the Families
And to let the rest of us know
They say they treat our Troops well
But that’s not always, really, so.