Del “Abe” Jones


One hundred twenty Vets a week
That’s more than seventeen per day
Who couldn’t handle things they saw
Or the price, they were asked to pay.

Wounds of War don’t always show
And feelings are not always spoken
Sometimes the others cannot see
When will, heart, and soul are broken.

It’s finally becoming very clear
That most who go through that hell
Will damage something deep inside
And might never get completely well.

It may change the way they view life
For some, it may make it dearer
For some the pain and suffering
Show man’s cruelty, much clearer.

We should have some more programs
To find when help might be needed
A means to spot those warning signs
Which so very often go, unheeded.

We need to care for our Veterans
Maybe more, when they come back
Not just throw them back into the mix
Hope they’ll get right back, on track.

We owe them so much more than that
For, they have paid the greater cost
We can’t let them take their own life
When they might think, that all is lost.

If you think you know of a Veteran
Who might be headed down that road
Sometimes a kind word or act from you
Might just help, to ease their load.

We don’t like to talk about suicide
But, we must face the sad, reality
We are losing far too many Heroes
Who fought the fight, for you and me.

Author’s Note: This was inspired by the Penny Coleman articles, “120 War Vets Commit Suicide Each Week”, and “FLASHBACK, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Suicide, and the Lessons of War”, and by the Steve Benen article, “US Military Asks Wounded Soldiers to Return Signing Bonuses”.