Del “Abe” Jones


On this Veterans Day, some news
That should make us all ashamed
And there’s plenty to go around
To all those who should be blamed.

Though, it’s really not, new news
The bad way, we treat our Vets
In this Land, that they keep Free
That’s about as low as it gets.

We should have NO homeless
In this richest Land on Earth
But especially not, those who served
Like they have outlived, their worth.

That’s the way some are treated
Once, they put away their gun
They serve and fight in our Wars
Then, cast aside when War is done.

Today, we are still at War
But many Heroes who just fought
Are already living on the street
And we don’t give it a second thought.

Shame on us, America
To treat our Vets this way
Shame on our so-called leaders
Whose folks aren’t those who pay.

“Heroes,” when we need them
“Homeless,” much too soon
A little help, is all they need
They’re not asking for the Moon.

Giving them, what we promised
And to fulfill, our obligation
For when we don’t keep our word
It leaves a blight upon our Nation.

A Hero is still a Hero
Whether in uniform or not
And between us and oppression
These Heroes are all we’ve got.

Service should be mandatory
For each American citizen
With no excuses, pay their debt
For living in this great Nation.

If all the rich and powerful
Had to send their young to serve
You can bet, most every Vet
Would get all that they deserve.

So, when you see those homeless,
Just know that one in four
Served our Nation Honorably
And we owe them so much more.

Author’s Note: This poem was prompted by the article in Homeless in America: 1 in 4 Are Vets