Del “Abe” Jones


We are a Land of People
Who contrary to Belief
Wish no Harm to our Neighbors
To cause them Pain or Grief.

Today’s statistics bear this out
Though to some it seems not True
Not with what is on the News
And some of the things we do.

We prefer the Peaceful Way
Within our own Society
To have our Laws mete out Justice
In the true American Way.

But when we are threatened
We turn to a flock of Sheep
Hiding ‘hind the Sheepdogs
Whom we Charge with our Safe Keep.

Those who wish to do us Harm
Are like Wolves hunting in a pack
Or sometimes maybe a Lone One
Who might mount a sneak attack.

This World is full of those Wolves
Has been since the beginning
Those who stalk the Good in Man
And sometimes, nearly winning.

But Thanks to all those Sheepdogs
Who will stand in Evil’s stead
The Heroes we all Count on
Brave in their Heart and Head.

Of Sheep, and Wolves, and Sheepdogs
There is One that you might be
One Protected from the Others
By the Ones who keep Us Free.

Or just maybe in the Moment
You may do Battle, with Pride
Against those who wish us ill
Find too, that Strength inside.

For we are a Land of People
That’s unlike any other kind
And if our Freedoms are Threatened
You’ll find us one Thought of Mind.

Author’s Note: Inspired by LTC (Ret) David Grossman’s article, “On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs