Del “Abe” Jones


Spc Robert Loria
Spc Robert Loria: Read the December 10, 2004 Time-Herald news article: He lost an arm in Iraq; the Army Wants Money

Author’s Note: I was just wondering if this Soldier, Spc. Robert Loria, was in one of those poorly armored Humvees and if his wounds couldn’t have been avoided or lessened in the first place. After hearing Rumsfeld’s asinine remarks, I am made to wonder if he is or ever was qualified for the job. You can bet one of his kids wouldn’t be riding around over there in a vehicle without armor.
They take the oath to Serve us all
To protect this Land of the Free
Some signed for just the weekends
And a few weeks of the Military.

But when our Country went to “war”
Both Reserve and Regulars “shipped out”
And we at Home and Government
Should make sure they don’t go without.

They should have the best equipment
Especially all those in harm’s way
Their families should be taken care of
And they should get some decent pay.

When our Troops asked for basic armor
And we all know the “wheels” turn slow
But those lame excuses have cost lives
And many more wounded, don’t “they” know?

Of those billions we are spending
How much goes to Halliburton
Instead of where it’s really needed
To help keep those Soldiers from hurtin’.

And when they do get wounded
(Luckier than those who are killed)
They should expect and receive the best
And have all the promises fulfilled.

But the military/civilian bureaucrats
In the Department of Defense
Don’t care about the lowly Soldier
At the “bottom line” of the expense.

When Troops are no longer useful
“They” want to hurry, close the “deal”
You don’t see “them” extend their “tour”
To Soldiers laid up somewhere to heal.

Expendable expenditures
And just a cost of every “war”
So, sign ‘em up and ship ‘em out
Then go out and sign up more.

We can’t expect our Fighting Men
To stand up to Wartime’s test
Unless we send them off to war
With all the very, very, best.

Some wars have been to protect us
And some were fought for Liberty
But we can’t force onto others
What Freedom means to you and me.

But, if the powers that lead us
Keep thinking it is worth the cost
They should “realize” the price
Of all, those families have lost.