Del “Abe” Jones


We have been at the War, this time
Longer than that one in Forty-one
With maybe not as many casualties
But too many, more than one.

The right thing when we started
And sent Troops to Afghanistan
But then, we got our mess in Iraq
And have ended up an, also ran.

We should have gone on to Baghdad
When the World was by our side
When we were still respected
And our Nation was filled with Pride.

After the attacks on Pearl Harbor
Our People knew where we should be
There was no doubt, protecting Freedom
Was our Country’s utmost priority.

We had an Honorable goal
And the Truth (?) was known by all
Although we didn’t want to go to War
The Japanese at Pearl, made that call.

Sometimes there is no other choice
And no matter how hard we may try
We have had to send our young away
To fight battles, to get hurt, to die.

But, there’s times the Politicians
And the corporate powers that be
In their quest for wealth and power
Will gamble with our Great Country.

When they have spent all our resources
And put us all in hopeless debt
With no more to pillage from us
They’ll try to get more from us, yet.

But this time they have gone too far
And the World will never be the same
In the end there’ll be no one to win
And no ending, to this deadly game.

Another, “Day of Infamy!”?
Well, there surely isn’t any doubt
But, when we chose to invade Iraq
We forgot what that day, was about.

But, things being what they are
There’s one constant to it all
We will always have those Heroes
Who’ll answer our Country’s call.