Del “Abe” Jones


Are we really any safer now
After all these years of sadness?
With another thousand killed at war
In the Afghanistan madness.

It’s just another dirty business
Of arms makers, politicians
Where the people pay and die
And companies make those billions.

They don’t care about lives, lost
And they tell us, we must fight
To keep the war over there
Out of mind, and out of sight.

“We must fight them over there.”
“So, we don’t have to fight them here!”
They say, “Freedom is threatened!”
And, keep war, fueled with, that fear.

“Diplomacy won’t work with them!”
But, do we really do, all we can?
Do we really give peace a chance?
Is going to war, the original plan?

The military/industrial complex
Has no interest in peacetime
Ships and planes, bombs and bullets
Make for, a better, bottom line.

Pain and suffering doesn’t matter
Our dead, are just part of the cost
Sometimes, it seems, they don’t care
Whether a war is won or lost.

We go to those other Countries
And tell them, “We know the way!”
“We know, what’s best for you!
“We can show you, freedom’s way!”

They don’t want us in their lands
And all we do is breed more hate
Turn more people into enemies
Who once thought, the US was great.

Usually though, it’s about, “things”
Land, or some natural resource
Greed and power also play a part
But the big one, is oil, of course.

The price is always paid by folks
Who never, benefit at all
Scarred for life, wounded, killed
When they answer, a nation’s call.

We must always Honor them
Those, who go into, harm’s way
Thank them for their sacrifice
And the ultimate price, they pay.

The last just war we were involved in
Was during, World War Two
The World, was really threatened
And we did, what we had to do.

While we must fight the terrorists
Is invading others the right course?
We can’t police/control the World
With all, this military force.

Mankind thinks he’s the pinnacle
Of all, the Earthly creations
But actually, we are a scourge
Of Human’s, warring nations.

We claim that we are the wisest
Of all the other forms of life
As we plunder, pillage, kill
Cause, most of our World’s strife.

While we hasten our destruction
And send our young off to die
Maybe, on this Memorial Day
We should all, ask the question, “Why?”