Del “Abe” Jones

Another Memorial Day

Taps play mournfully o’er the grave
Loved ones bow their heads and weep
The Flag folded, casket lowered down
And the Hero, laid to endless sleep.

This scene played out too many times
With all the sadness and the pain
As War torn hearts ache with the loss
It happens, time and time again.

All people should attend a Service
To see the Honor Guard in dress attire
To hear the bugler play that sad tune
And to be startled, when the rifles fire.

A small tribute to those who gave all:
The true Patriots of our great Land
Who face the horrors of the battlefield
Where sometimes Freedom makes its stand.

War seems to be the only way, we humans
Know, to change what we don’t like
It seems; peaceful times are short lived
Before there’s another military strike.

The military/industrial complex wins
No matter, if war is won or lost
And the New World Order thirst for power
Uncaring, what their selfish goals may cost.

Maybe one day, we can live together
And learn to respect those different ways
Before we destroy ourselves and Earth
And end the terrible price the Soldier pays.

But until that day finally comes, if ever
And our Brave, no longer have to die
We must Honor their ultimate sacrifice
Even as we wait and ponder, “Why?”

And instead of just a day off work
To enjoy the pleasures of our Country
Just remember what this day is for
To Honor those who gave all, for you and me.