Del “Abe” Jones


Another sad Memorial Day
To Honor all of those lost,
As we tally up another year
Of all that this War has cost.

Nearly thirty-five hundred Families
To mourn the death of a loved one
How many more must we add
Before this War is finally done?

Let’s not forget all those wounded
More than twenty-five thousand strong
Though this day is for the Dead
To Honor these too, can’t be wrong.

First observed in Eighteen sixty-eight
And the “list”, continues to grow
As real Peace seems so elusive
Something, we’ll probably never know.

It’s not in the Human psyche
To get along with one another
It seems that all we know to do
Is just one War after another.

So, this day we Honor those Heroes
Who marched off to War to die
Sometimes for a noble cause
And some, those times when some ask, “Why!”

But, one thing we can always count on
There’s always those Heroes-to-be
Who step up, Sacrifice their lives
So that other people, might be Free.