Del “Abe” Jones

Heroes, Every One!

More than we should care to count
With more added every day
The death toll from this hapless War
Is far too high, a price to pay.

We were convinced by false words
From those in whom we put our trust
Were told for the safety of our Country
That invading Iraq was a must.

But our Nation seems no safer
And many feel that things are worse
As we lose more friends around the World
And become a Land to hate and curse.

Our Troops are the bright shining light
Who will go there and risk their all
Each of them, a true life Hero
Men and Women, standing proud and tall.

Most all of them are only kids
The way Wars always seem to be
The young are sent to fight and die
At the whim of some bureaucracy.

But, as the body count keeps growing
And the real truth becomes more clear
People and Troops are finally asking
“What are we really doing here?”

The Taliban are coming back
And Osama still has his plan
We should have finished what we started
When we first went to Afghanistan.

But we diverted our attention
And caused another breeding place
For all kinds of terrorists and nuts
The scourges of the Human Race.

Maybe sanity will soon prevail
And let us hope it’s not too late
To end this and bring Troops Home
Before they know that deadly fate.

For, no matter how each of us feels
About the politics of this War
We’ve sacrificed enough Americans
For the answer to, “What for?”

And there’s not enough praise
To give all those who gave their life
And all those wounded and maimed
Left with the pain of Wartime’s strife.

Let’s bring them back and Honor them
And not forget when War is done
Treat all our Veterans as we should
As our Heroes, each and every one.