Del “Abe” Jones


We’ve Troops around the World
Who put, their Life on the line
And sometimes give their All
For, Freedoms of yours and mine.

But now, it seems much different
We ask them, in another’s name
To Protect their Freedoms, too
And Sacrifice, like it’s the same.

But, you can’t give Freedom away
It’s something, you must embrace
And it may not always work
In, each and every time and place.

We can’t change centuries of life
And ask our Troops to lead the way
To place their lives in jeopardy
Just because, the Politicians say.

But now, that we are in this mess
It must be seen through to the end
And a Prayer said, for those who die
Amongst those brave souls, we send.

It’s so sad at this year’s Tribute
We must add, all those Names we do
With the Hope, that by next year
All these Wars will be through.