Del “Abe” Jones


Some will say, People for Peace
Who only want the War to end
Are bad for the Troops morale
And the wrong message to send.

But, who more than those Troops
Would like to come home to stay
And not worry about shipping out
Once again, some other day?

They’re not given enough credit
They know how the “game” is done
That sometimes the politicians War
Is not always fought to be won.

They know a vote on the Floor
Is not always, what it may seem
And sometimes they know to read
All the lines, and messages between.

Some say, “We can’t cut and run!
We’ll leave the region in a mess!”
Although, most would be better off
If, we’d just mind our own business.

There’s not anyone, who likes War
Except all those who are getting rich
Off the pain and suffering of Heroes
Too bad, we couldn’t make them switch!

Those who don’t stand for the Troops
Are the ones who send them over there
With the false pretense, “It’s best for us!”
But, they’re the ones, don’t really care.

Not all Wars have been that way
Some were really worth the Battle
But seems now there’s a rush to War
Each and every time the saber’s rattle.

If we really care about the lost lives
What better Tribute could there be
Than to try to get the rest home safe
And try some talks and diplomacy?

But it seems the powers that be
Are hell-bent to start another one
With some other World’s Nation
Before their term in Office is done.

Once we were a shining beacon
Where the rest the World would look
For all the lessons in living Free
For, we’re the ones who wrote that book.

We were respected by most Peoples
Before we became the World’s cop
To force others to live the way we say
And, before too late, that has to stop.

They’ve been at War, thousands of years
So why do we think we’re the salvation
We must start looking at our Homeland
And take care of our own great Nation.

We have our own People going hungry
Our old and sick go without care
And after we pay for all our needs
With what is left, then we can share.

Instead of protecting other’s borders
We need to guard this Land of the Free
Keep all our jobs right here at home
Not export them to some foreign country.

We don’t need to speak another language
Our kids need to learn to speak our tongue
We can’t let our schools all be ruined
To try to teach some other country’s young.

We can’t be afraid to speak our mind
Instead of fearing someone may hear
We’re not being politically correct
Could, cost our Freedoms, we hold dear.

But, back to our Men and Women
Who Serve and those who give their all
We must be sure a War is Righteous
Next time, we sound the Battle Call.

Sometimes, the means to an ending
Is not all that we hope it to be
And sometimes, to cut our losses
Happens, when we face the reality.