Del “Abe” Jones


President Abraham Lincoln and His Son Tad
President Abraham Lincoln and His Son Tad
Born two hundred years ago
In Hardin County of Kentucky
Moved to Indiana when eight
Then, he ended up in Illinois.

Though he could read, write, and cipher
He really wanted to know much more
He learned, while working on a farm
And running, a New Salem store.

Became a lawyer in the legislature
Spent years on the circuit of courts
A man with extraordinary ambition
That’s what our history supports.

He was married to Mary Todd
And they had, four sons born
Only one, lived to maturity
The other three, the loss, to mourn.

In Fifty-eight, ran for the Senate
He lost, but gained a reputation
Nominated, and in Eighteen sixty-one
Sworn in, the Leader of our Nation.

He rallied the Northern States
And he proclaimed that all were free
And especially, all those Black Folks
Who lived within this great Country.

Some Southern States seceded
And our Nation was torn asunder;
More than six hundred thousand killed
In Civil War, Brother killing Brother.

From Sixty-one to Sixty-five
Battles raged across our Land
Ravaged homes and towns and lives
Defiled the countryside, once grand.

At Gettysburg, he gave an Address;
Words, which are still quoted today
Like, of, by, and for the People
That became our unique, American way.

He was re-elected in Sixty-four
As our Country began to heal
Malice toward none, charity for all
Where, Freedom for all is real.

On that Good Friday, in Sixty-five
In Ford’s Theatre, a shot rang out
Booth forever changed our history
And maybe what, we are all about.

He would probably be very proud
If, he could be here with us today
And see our first Black President
Might say, That’s the true American way!