Del “Abe” Jones


I have tried to keep my mouth shut
But I’m so sick and tired
Of hearing all the stupid reasons
Who should be hired or fired.

Their “records” shouldn’t count
From all of those years ago
Unless they are lying about them
That’s where their true character will show.

If they can’t own up to mistakes
(Like we all might have made)
Then, the lies they tell us now
Is why, we should really be afraid.

We should not follow them blindly
And believe all they have to say
Just because they lead their “Party”
‘Cause they’re both the same, anyway.

Like so many times before
We don’t really have a choice
Once they get themselves elected
They won’t hear the “People’s Voice”.

Big Money and the War Machine
Greased by the Oil Companies
Will lead us down the road to Doom
As they do anything they please.

Now, there’s another Vietnam
Or I think, maybe even worse
Misled down the road to get us there
“Trusting”, that’s our biggest curse.

They tell us our World is better off
And a much safer place to live
Tell that to all those, “Who Gave All”
And those, THEY still ask, “to give”.

Tell that to those without a job
That’s done in some foreign land
And those who lost the retirement
They’d worked for, for years and planned.

Ask those who are retired
And on Social Security(?)
Who can’t afford their medicine
Because of the “poor” Drug Company.

What would those homeless tell you
If you could look them in the eye
“But for the grace (of whatever)
Where you walk, once, so did I.”

In this richest land on Earth
What excuse, can we give
To those we can’t ensure, Insure
The Life, they have to live?

Don’t ask the kids who go to school
What underpaid teachers might tell
That with guns, and gangs, and drugs
They work in “Blackboard Hell”.

We spend our money, send our best
To cure all the World’s ills
And all it seems that’s left for us
Are only, all these bitter pills.

Why are so many with so little
In this Great Land that has it all
You better ask those questions now
Before, someone makes the “Last Call”.

Or just be led like sheep to slaughter
By the Power and the Greed
And pray when a God starts again
He might plant a better seed.