Del “Abe” Jones


We should have waited till the Fourth
To have handed over Power
Then they could have shared that day
When we had our Finest Hour.

They could have Declared Independence
Like we did in Seventy-six
And if they’d have asked us all about it
We could have shown them a few tricks.

We could have told them, “Watch the Feds!”
So they wouldn’t go “that” way
To be “owned” by special interests
While all the Common People pay.

So they would have the Retirement
They’ll work all their lives to get
To treat all of the old and sick
That our Medicare hasn’t yet.

So they wouldn’t have the homeless
We force to live out on the street
And have places to fight addictions
And those retarded, we mistreat.

So they could take care of their Veterans
Those, who survive a shooting war
And for families of those who Give All
Take care of them too, even more.

Oh, we could give them an earful
About the Best Country on this Earth
To help make theirs even better
Than we have made ours worth.

We declared our Independence
On the Fourth day of July
And we will always remain Free
If we don’t forget the reasons Why.