Del “Abe” Jones


Lately, not much to be proud of
And it gets worse every year
And if changes aren’t made soon
It just might be too late, I fear.

We have those who lied to us
To take us to war and worse
To leave an American legacy
Of an everlasting curse.

We have those who don’t mind
Sending our Troops off to fight
And then when those Vets come home
They don’t want to do them right.

We lost more Heroes this past year
More than in any year gone past
And as each one passes and more die
We keep hoping, they will be the last.

We are spending, our Freedoms
In those foreign places like Iraq
And once we have let them go
It is so hard to get them back.

We have people in our government
Who don’t seem to really care
What happens to us here at home
As much, as all those over there.

We’ve left our borders open
To let illegals flood our land
As our kids pay for the others
Who ruin their education’s plan.

We let our systems be abused
By all those who don’t belong
As they take unfair advantage
Of what made our Country strong.

We have “all-American” companies
Committing treason to the “force”
Who made, and built them up
Just for, the bottom line, of course.

We have many other businesses
Who buy goods from overseas
Which are unsafe, or can poison us
Or give us, some deadly disease.

We have the so-called “news” we get
Controlled by a few select stations
Who tell us only what they want
To control our, “public relations.”

We have the insurance companies
Who don’t want to pay the claims
They would rather let a person die
So their high, bottom line remains.

We have the big oil producers
And the huge auto industry
Who don’t want alternate fuels
Or to raise the minimum mpg.

We used to have the “middle class”
And most of us lived fairly well
Most the World looked up to us
Before we broke down and fell.

We have the rich getting richer
As the “middle class” will get poor
It seems no matter what they have
All they want is more and more.

We have, “The New World Order”
And we should all be terrified
That the elite want to rule us all
Once, all our freedoms are denied.

We have so many, “true” believers
Who will blindly, follow behind
All, afraid to think for themselves
Just like the blind, leading the blind.

We have Democrats and Republicans
But, they all seem, just the same
All of the BS, lies, and politics
Of, the same ol’, same ol’, game.

It’s time we take our Country back
And make it what it used to be
A place, where our Constitution
Still rules, the Land of the Free.

We have our old two-party-system
Who think they have all the power
It’s about time we prove them wrong
With the Independents’ finest hour.