Del “Abe” Jones


That’s nearly seventy-two hundred
For each child, woman and man,
Twenty-two grand per average family
To pay for this Military “Plan”.

Now, that’s if we start withdrawal this year
And don’t count the cost of wounded care
For head injuries alone for twenty years
Fourteen billion more, is our fair share.

Then the hidden costs for Reservists
Plucked from jobs, and the economy
The cost to recruit and re-up Troops
To try to make another country Free.

At least that is what we were told
To save the World from ol’ Saddam
When we should have, took one hundred days (1st Gulf War)
But this one just goes on and on.

And the best minds about money
Blame the cost of oil on this War
Not just the high price of gasoline
It makes everything cost us more.

But the most expensive part of it?
Is the pain and tears for all those lost
Those kids without a Mom or Dad
Would say it’s too high of a cost.

Those Moms and Dads who lost a Child,
Brothers And Sisters and each friend,
Will say that it came much too late
No matter, when this War does end.

Though all of us will pay the price
Though most have hedged our bet
But far too many gave their all
And we can never pay that debt.

And then there are so-called “religious Christian people” (?) like this and this is not the first time Phelps and his fanatics have tried to disrupt funerals for our Heroes

Army Times: January 10, 2006

Police and county officials urged veterans to avoid confrontations with anti gay protesters who plan to picket at the funeral Tuesday of an Indiana soldier killed in Iraq. Hundreds of area veterans have said they will try to shield Pvt. Jonathan R. Pfender’s family from members of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., the Evansville Courier & Press reported. Church founder the Rev. Fred Phelps contends that American soldiers are being killed in Iraq as vengeance from God for protecting a country that harbors gays. Church members have protested at scores of military funerals, and the church informed Evansville police Saturday it would protest at Pfender’s services Tuesday at The Centre.