Del “Abe” Jones

1948 – 2006: A Great Lady and Soldier’s Soldier

General Kathryn George Frost
General Kathryn George Frost
When most think about a General
They think of Ike, Patton or Powell
But I had the great privilege
Of meeting one wonderful Gal.

I met her in Waxahachie
Where I was honored to be
At the Dedication of a Vet’s Memorial
Where they had etched my poetry.

The Pres was supposed to be there too
But counting chads kept him away
But the citizens still turned out
On a cold, cloudy, windy day.

I thought one of the highlights
Was Kathy talking about our Land
And the Patriots and Veterans
And the Military’s Freedom stand.

You could see she was a Soldier
In the true sense of the word
And her heartfelt, spoken words
The most inspiring I have heard.

She passed on in August
While at her childhood home
Where she still was rooted
After thirty-one years on the roam.

Promoted to the highest rank
Of Lady Soldiers when retired
She served our Nation proudly
And many people, she inspired.

A role model for all women
And every other Soldier, too
A Commander in her own right
With honors bestowed on very few.

As Adjutant General
A champion for the enlisted
And for leadership changes
Although there’s some resisted.

In the White House with Reagan
And with Bush number one
On the staff of Colin Powell
Just some of those things she’d done.

She saw the horrors of Rwanda
Its Refugees and genocide
And when she spoke of the children
And the mass graves, this General cried.

She was in charge of base exchanges
And was insistent on the plan
To get stores open for our Troops
In Iraq and in Afghanistan.

A Warrior fighting for the Troops
And won most battles that she fought
But then cancer came along
And all her strength and will for naught.

Much too young to be taken
Although she passed this final test
It’s a sad time for all of us
Because we’ve lost one of our best.

Married to a Congressman
For only eight short years
And along with Martin Frost
There’s many of us, shed tears.

So, this Veterans Day an honor
For me to dedicate this piece
To that Great Lady and Soldier
And, may she rest in peace.