Del “Abe” Jones


They are listed in the order
Of the way our Heroes fell
Behind each name many stories
That, they never got to tell.

Millions have read those names
Many, loved ones and friends
A Memorial to all those lost
And the pain which never ends.

There’s those Missing in Action
And space for those yet to die
Their names added as they fall
As many still ask the question: Why?”

“The Wall” is above those politics
Which have come with every war
But, those who fight them know
What, their Sacrifice is really for.

We must never forget those Heroes
Etched there, in that black stone
And all Americans should visit them
To show, they will never be alone.

A quarter century it has stood
To Honor those who gave their all
Who marched off into the battle
When they heard their Country’s call.

Author’s Note: I had the honor of helping to set up “The Wall That Heals”, a half-sized, traveling replica of “The Wall” in Washington, at the VFW in Dickson, TN. This year is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the dedication of “The Wall”.