Del “Abe” Jones

FLAG DAY, 2008

Once again Old Glory has its time
We’ll wave it and put it on display
At least, those of us who own one
And not all do, I’m so sad to say.
There are some that don’t salute it
And some want to share its place
With flags of some other country
And I think that’s a damned disgrace.
Political correctness, out of control:
Our Federal Courts, I think, are wrong
When they say, anyone can burn it
And We, the People, must just go along.
Some had to change the old “Pledge”
And add, the “under God” to it
It was just fine, the way it was
But now, those words give some, a fit.
It’s for the pride of our Country
For, those Stars and Stripes which wave
For all Americans… of all faiths
And too, for all of those who Gave.
Once it was loved, and/or respected
In most places, ‘round this Earth
Now there’s some, question its meaning
And just how much, Freedom is worth.
Our prestige around the World
Has dropped to an all-time low
And more people want to burn it
Yes, even here at home, you know.
There’s hope, that we can overcome
And, that all, will once more see
We really are, “Home of the Brave
And, “The Land of the Free”!
So, take our Star Spangled Banner
And wave it proudly and hold it high
Tell all, it stands for, Freedom and Rights
For if we don’t, worse times draw nigh.

Information about Flag etiquette: Betsy Ross Home Page Resources – Flag Rules and Regulations