Del “Abe” Jones


We lost forty two in just ten days
With countless loved ones and friends
Who will mourn instead of celebrate
Past, when this Christmas Season ends.

That’s one hundred twenty-six per month
More than fifteen hundred for a year
If this trend continues or gets worse
It’s something, all of us should fear.

That’s not counting all those wounded
Plus all the billions we will spend
While we shake our heads and ask,
“Will this madness never end?”

If you don’t have a loved one fighting
It’s easier to just follow along
And even if you have one over there
It’s hard to say, “This War is wrong!”

Some will say it’s un-American
If you don’t want some more to die
Or say you don’t support our Troops
If you should dare to question, “WHY!”

Some say we’ll lose our credibility
If we should choose to, “Cut and run.”
As if they trust and like us over there
We’ll just make it worse before we’re done.

To date, almost three thousand killed
Twenty two thousand with the wounds of War
And countless more scarred in their minds
And we’ll sacrifice, how many more?

Fifty thousand, more or less
Of the Iraqi civilians dead
And are they worse or better off
Where would they be, in its stead?

Three hundred fifty billion spent
For the so-called freedom in a land
Where killing those who disagree
Is all, most those people understand.

Although it’s not very likely
We will ever be without War
Because of the almighty dollar
For that’s what most Wars are really for.

All we can do is hope and pray
As our history runs its course
But there is much more we COULD do
To have Peace, each of us is the source.

Most all of us will do nothing
And go with the old status quo
And unless we try to change things
We will surely never, ever know.

So, this Christmas Season, send a wish
To each and every Hero over there
That next year at Christmas time
They’ll be back home with those who care.