Del “Abe” Jones


The World is in turmoil
There’s War everywhere
People starving and homeless
And not enough seem to care.

It’s not their kid who’s dying
In someplace across the sea
Or who is mere skin and bones
With no one to hear their plea.

Some people are too busy
Out spending their money
To try and to outdo others
If not sad, it would be funny.

Some began it months ago
Swiping that plastic, credit card
There’s some will never pay it off
And for most, it will be hard.

Then there are those people
Who want, “politically correct”
Who want, “Happy Holidays”
(What else would you expect?)

They can’t leave well enough alone
The way it’s always been for years
They say it might offend someone
And there’s some other stupid fears.

Peace and Goodwill are evasive
And they will most likely never be
As long as the rich get richer
From War and the Christmas spending spree.