Del “Abe” Jones


Let’s all give a final salute
To the pilot of Blue Angel Six
One of the best of the best
Who do those great precision tricks.

They all know of the dangers
But know there’s not another way
To get paid for the work
That’s really their way to play.

Every so often the worst happens
And the World will lose a gem
But, they die doing what they love
When the odds catch up with them.

Some say they are prima donnas,
But guess they have the right to be:
One of those best of the best
From Sea to shining Sea.

All those who have gone before
Will fly in a perfect formation
If you look closely in the sky
Passing over a grateful Nation.

So, we salute you, Kevin
As you race across the sky
You just traded up to different Wings
Lieutenant Commander Kevin J. Davis, R.I.P.And a much better way to fly.