Del “Abe” Jones


“Political correctness”
Seems to be the thing these days
The politicians send them there
But, it’s the Soldier who pays.

These folks are our neighbors
And Sons and Daughters too
Some are Moms and Dads
Or may be a Friend to you.

They are really human beings
Sent to fight and maybe even die
They’re more than, “Boots on the ground.”
At the least, to you and I!

But those who send the orders
And the politicians in DC
Seem to only count the numbers
Of body counts and casualty.

They are somebody’s loved one
They’ll be missed when they are gone
More than a number on a list
That just goes on and on and on.

We need to make those in power
Realize the Soldiers plight
For calling them, “Boots on the ground.”
Just really is not right.

So, in the name of “correctness”
All should call them what they are
Troops and Warriors who protect us
Both here at home and afar.

Not respected as they should be
And it’s time all came around
To knowing all those Heroes are
More than just, “Boots on the ground.”