Del “Abe” Jones

(Per Anderson Cooper)

Well, it’s time for the Iraqis
To Stand and to speak out
To go to the Polling Place
To learn, what Freedom is about.

We take Voting for granted
And barely half of us do
And we don’t have to worry
About someone shooting at you.

Our Troops deposed Saddam
And they fought a Gallant Fight
And still give their lives today
For Iraq to have that Right.

Let’s hope it all was worth it
And those People turn up at the Polls
And take advantage of the chance
To be for whom Freedom’s Bell tolls.

They must learn to make their own Laws
Enforce them, to be Fair and Just
Governed by All the People’s Will
And to Earn All the People’s Trust.

Ex-Pats all around the World
And right here in the USA
Have already Cast their Ballots
Have already had their Say.

Tomorrow will be Bombs and Ballots
In that Land across the Sea
Let’s hope the Battle of Oppression
Will be, Freedom’s Victory.