Del “Abe” Jones


Some say we should send more
There’s those say, we shouldn’t
Some think we can win this war
And others say, we couldn’t.

Eight years in, too many killed
Without any success, shown
Back at square one, where we started
Something, we should have known?

The plight of Women: an excuse
To give them rights and dignity
While we have our own here at home
Who still aren’t completely free.

The children are another reason
To feed them and send to school
With all the kids on our own streets
Hypocrisy? Wonder who we fool?

Our Troops walk past the Poppy fields
And it just doesn’t seem quite fair
While here at home, we put in jail
Folks, who use those drugs from there.

Do they really want their freedoms
Will it last, when we have gone
Can we really change their ways
Or will their hate for us, live on?

Can we actually stop the terrorists
If they are determined, will they fear
Our wrath, there in their mountains
When they can cross our borders, here?

Every time we kill or capture one
There are many more waiting in line
To be martyrs, for all those virgins
Who think their death, will be divine.

Corruption in their government?
What difference does it really make
When we have our own politicians
Who like them, are on the “take”?

Of course, it would be so nice
To stop this awful human scourge
But those animals won’t go extinct
With just, another senseless surge.

No matter, how much they spin it
And ask us, once more for our trust
Can we believe it’s the best way
And the loss of precious life, is just?

We should spend all those dollars here
And save some lives at the same time;
Try getting our own house in order
And instead of war, try some peacetime.