Del “Abe” Jones


The Vietnam Veterans
Had to wait years, for their “Wall”
We’ve finally learned to do it right
For those, who answer “the call”.

Now we have one for Iraq
And, Afghanistan, too
To Honor those, who gave all
Because that is what, they do.

That “call to arms” is answered
(Although, not always right!)
They stand Proud, for our Nation
And, they take up, the fight.

Like, in all wars, some will return
(Forever changed, in Heart and Mind!)
They still look like, they always did
(Though, inside, they are, a different kind!)

Far too many of them, won’t come Home
And loved ones, know how much we’ve lost
Because the greed and hate in Man
Has such, a high, high, cost.

Each day, we should give them, “Thanks!”
And pray, someday, there’ll be no “Walls”
That, Mankind can learn to live in Peace
And, there will be no more, “wartime calls”.

Author’s Note: Penned at VFW Post 4534 in Rockledge, (Cocoa) Florida